50 uses for Jill and Joey Reusable Pouches

The beauty of reusable products--like our Jill and Joey reusable pouches--is that they not only can be used multiple times, they can also be used for multiple purposes.

After a simple rinse, a sandwich bag can become a pouch for storing extra screws and nails. Or, a makeup bag can become a place for keeping art supplies.

Below, we’ve compiled 50 popular uses for your Jill & Joey pouches based on what we’re hearing from customers. 

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Food, glorious food

1. Pack sandwiches for picnics or school lunches

2. Pack snacks (fruit, vegetables, crackers, cheese) for school or the road 

3. Marinate meat or vegetables 

4. Freeze or store leftovers, including liquids like soup

5. Measure and store for meal prep and diets

6. Keep cereal and chips fresh with our airtight seal

7. Store pet food

8. Keep spices, seasonings, and tea leaves fresh 

9. Mix and store dips and other spreads

10. Store candy and sweets for holidays

11. Store sugar and other baking essentials

The travel bug

12. Pack toiletries and other essentials - the clear design makes it simple to pass TSA security checks

13. Store headphones, chargers, and other easy-to-lose travel essentials

14. Keep your important documents (ie passports, tickets) all in one place

15. Protect sunglasses, phones, and other items at the beach, on the board, or in the boat with our air-tight, leak-proof design

16. Protect boat, jet ski, and fishing licenses when you’re out on the water 

17. Pack first-aid supplies like bandages and ointments for every adventure

18. Collect seashells and other keepsakes

Around the house

19. Keep track of jewelry and other accessories

20. Store makeup supplies

21. Collect hair ties, bows, and other accessories

22. Make sure your kids don’t lose toys, puzzle pieces, and other games

23. Easily file important documents, including bills and warranties

24. Store medicines, ointments, and pills

25. Keep that junk drawer organized

26. Save important photos and other memorable items

27. Hold on to manicure and pedicure supplies

28. Store coins, stamps, and other collectibles

29. Save new and used batteries

30. Hold extra wires, cables, and other electronics 

For the baby and little kids

31. Pack baby wipes

32. Separate clean and dirty pumping supplies within your pumping bag

33. Differentiate between clean and dirty pacifiers/teething toys within your diaper bag

34. Sort toys and art supplies for when you’re travelling with the kiddos

35. Transport dirty diapers when you are changing someone and there isn’t a trash can 

36. Pack a spare set of clothes and then use it to transfer soiled, dirty or wet clothing

37. Store bottles, pacifiers, baby food, and other baby essentials

Arts and crafts

38. Store art supplies including paint brushes, pens, pencils, and paper

39. Hold on to yarn, needles, and other sewing supplies

40. Save construction paper and other cool collage pieces

41. Don’t forget to store the glue bottles and glue sticks

42. Store children’s crayons, markers, or chalk

In the car

43. Store loose change

44. Organize your glove compartment and center console

45. Ensure your registration, insurance cards, and other important documents are kept organized and safe

Fix it

46. Ditch the coffee cans to store loose nails, screws, nuts, and bolts

47. Keep loose tools like wrenches and screwdrivers organized

48. Store zip cords and rope 

49. Centralize electrical tape, wire nuts, and other electrical supplies

50. Store washers, plumbers tape, and other plumbing supplies