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Frequently Ask Questions

Are Jill and Joey reusable bags safe to store food?

Yes. Jill and Joey bags are made from an FDA-grade PEVA blend which is food safe and free of BPA and lead, biodegradable and also recyclable. Jill and Joey reusable bags are safe for use in the freezer, but they are not intended for microwave or use with high heat. Please make sure all hot foods have cooled before storing in your Jill and Joey bags. 

How do Jill and Joey reusable bags keep food fresh?

Jill and Joey reusable bags are leakproof and airtight. Keeping air out of the bags helps keep keep food fresher. The U.S. Department of Agriculture recommends using airtight, well-sealed containers for storing leftover food and reducing the chances of bacteria growth.

How do I wash my Jill and Joey reusable bags?

Fill Jill and Joey reusable bags halfway with warm water and add a small amount of dish soap. Gently swirl the bag to ensure all internal surfaces are cleaned. Rinse thoroughly. Drape over dish-rack prongs and prop open to dry. You can also place the bag over a glass or mug, or using a fabric napkin or washcloth to absorb water and dry completely.

Do Jill and Joey reusable bags stain?

Some foods, such as tomato sauce, can stain the Jill and Joey reusable bags, but these stains do not affect the integrity of the bags. Use baking soda to help reduce stains or odors caused by food. Make a paste of warm water and baking soda and rub it into the inside of the container. Let it sit for at least one day, then rinse it out thoroughly.

Can I write on or label my Jill and Joey reusable bags?

Yes, you can write on the Jill and Joey reusable bags with a marker (let ink dry before using). While the label lasts for a number of uses, it does eventually rub off making it easy to label again. To remove the ink, scrub the area with a non-scratch pad and soap. 

Where are Jill and Joey reusable bags manufactured?

Our products are manufactured responsibly in China. We have worked hard to partner with a sustainable production facility with high ethical standards.

Can I recycle my Jill and Joey reusable bags?

Yes! Our Jill and Joey Recycling Program ensures that our products are put to good use once you’re done with them. Learn more.

I am interested in becoming a “Brand Ambassador” for Jill and Joey Reusable Products.

Great! Email us for more information on our Brand Ambassador program.