8 sustainable activities for kids during the Coronavirus shutdown

As the world hunkers down to stem the tide of the Coronavirus pandemic, parents across the United States are facing the same predicament: How do I keep my kids engaged and occupied all day?

To help, we scoured the internet to find fun, cheap, and, most importantly, eco-friendly activities for kids and parents. A quick warning: Some of the articles we share may not include reusable or plastic-free products. The good news? Those products are easily replaceable with eco-friendly items. A ziploc bag, for instance, could easily be substituted by one of our Jill & Joey™ Reusable Pouches. 

We hope you and your family stay healthy and safe during this trying time. And, we hope these ideas can help make your days a little more joyful.

1. Make homemade playdough

Who knew playdough was so easy to make? Check out this fun recipe for creating your own homemade playdough with some simple ingredients. And remember: Our Jill & Joey™ pouches are great for storing your playdough once it’s made! Read more

2. Make fluffy slime

Face it parents: with the kids home, a mess in your house is inevitable. Embrace it and have fun with your kids by using this easy slime recipe. Read more.  

3. Build bird feeders out of recycled materials

Your family’s stuck at home. Why not invite some feathered friends over? Here are some great ideas for using recycled materials to build DIY bird feeders. Read more

4. Take your kids on a scavenger hunt

Whether inside or outside, scavenger hunts are always great ways to keep the kids occupied and engaged. Here are more than 30 printable scavenger hunt ideas. Read more

5. Create non-toxic finger paint

Do you know everything that’s in your kids’ finger paint? Probably not. Now you can. Here are non-toxic recipes for making your own finger paint. Read more

6. Build a sensory bin

Sensory bins are a great way to engage your kids and help them learn through play. Here are some ideas to build your own sensory bins using materials from around the house. Read more

7. Stage your own puppet theater

Have some extra cardboard boxes lying around the house? Then you could build your own theater! Check out these great ideas for creating a full puppet theater out of household materials. Read more

8. Build a fort

What’s better when your stuck at home than building a fort! Here’s a bunch of great ideas for creating a fort with what you have around your home. Read more.