For all the Jills, Joeys, and others affected by the Australian wildfires

By now you’ve heard about the devastating wildfires in Australia.

Despite rain over the last few weeks, many of the fires are still raging and with them the continuous threat to the country’s wide variety of plants and animals. 

While scientists warn that assessing the devastation and loss of life is difficult--especially as the fires are still burning--some have estimated that up to 1 billion animals have fallen victim to the blazes. And, there’s no doubt that a number of Australia’s most iconic species, the kangaroo, have also fallen victim.

Jill and Joey was inspired by the unique relationship between a mother kangaroo,  a Jill, and her baby, a Joey. That’s where we got our name. And so, while any environmental disaster is tragic, we can’t help but feel a slightly deeper sense of sadness.

The Australia fires are another reminder of the fragile state of our environment. As we continue to look for ways to live more reusable and sustainable lives, let’s not forget the big impact we can all have through small changes.

To help support the rescue and recovery in Australia, we will be donating to the New South Wales-based Wildlife Information, Rescue and Education Service Inc. which is working to rescue and care for as many animals as possible.