Plant-Based Cleaning Brush Set Plant Based Cleaning Brush Set AshinCooking Store

Plant-Based Cleaning Brush Set

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Make cleaning a whole lot more reusable!

These practical scrub brushes, from our reusable partner AshinCooking Store, are great for cleaning kitchenware and bottles

But, you can also use them to clean floors, showers, tile, toilets, carpet, upholstery, counter-tops, sinks, bathtubs, and stove tops

Easy-grip knob is varnished to seal out water. Shorter handle allows for a secure grip and completes more vigorous scrubbing tasks. 

High density firm bristles make it easy to scrub out stains on a variety of surfaces, suitable for cast iron skillet, steel pots, pans and dishes. 

Key features:

  • Clean pots, pans, bottles, and other kitchenware
  • Also great for cleaning floors, showers, tiles, toilets, and other surfaces
  • Easy-to-grip knob
  • Vanished to help seal out water
  • High-density bristles for stronger scrubbing

Please allow 30 to 50 days for delivery.